Community Pages on a Real Estate Website

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Nobody said it was easy to build a real estate website that ranked well in the search engines and provided the information consumers need to help make it convert once they do find you online but it can be worth it if you take your time and set up the pages carefully. I’ve recently been […]

Finding Old Posts After a Website Crash – The Wayback Machine

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I recently lost all of the posts on this blog – it was completely my fault. I was lost, the theme was gone, the content was gone and I had to start over completely. I’ve been very busy and admittedly, neglected this blog and months past. I know, I know… Anyway, I was trying to […]

First Things First

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Make sure you back up your blog! I recommend having at least one blog separate from your main website and if you are going to do this, I suggest you host your own WordPress blog. It’s really not difficult to set up if you have some basic technical skills, but it is the best approach […]