Infographics in Blog Posts

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I may be a little late to the party on infographics but it’s not because I don’t like them – I do!. It’s just that I didn’t really know how to make them and didn’t feel outsourcing them was the right way to handle it. However, I stumbled across a website while doing a bit […]

Market Statistics For Real Estate Blog Posts

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How to Make Your Real Estate Analysis Work We all want our readers to feel like the information we provide to them is useful and provides a way to demonstrate our expertise to help convert readers into clients… In this post I’ll show you how to write an effective real estate market update Coming up […]

Top 5 Real Estate Lead Sources

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As we roll through the month of December and business winds down as it does in the real estate sector, there is still plenty we can do to remain busy and productive. Much of what we do in November and December sets us up for a good winter after the holidays are over and to […]

Real Estate is Local – Demonstrate Your Expertise

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One of the best ways to generate business through a real estate blog is to keep it local and talk about something that will impact the people you want to do business with in your area of expertise. That could be your neighborhood, a more broad farm area or even a city is your a […]