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How to Make Your Real Estate Analysis Work

We all want our readers to feel like the information we provide to them is useful and provides a way to demonstrate our expertise to help convert readers into clients…

In this post I’ll show you how to write an effective real estate market update

Coming up with timely and effective topics for blog posts can be difficult from time to time in the real estate world. There are only so many “how to improve your home” posts you can write and topics like local restaurant reviews can be helpful at the hyperlocal level, but they don’t give you an authoritative presence as a local expert on real estate. One of the best ways you can demonstrate a high acumen for your business is to update readers of your blog/website on what the market looks like.

Why these posts are important:

Is it a good time to buy? What about to sell? Do you know how to articulate that effectively? Consumers want to know this information and the big real estate websites (your competitors like zillow, redfin, etc…) can’t dig deep into statistics the way a local real estate expert is able to do.

However, some agents and brokerages are better at updating readers (read: potential clients) than others. A blog post with nothing but text will appear boring and hard to read while a post with nothing but infographics and images may not be enough to provide the reader with an analysis – after all – it’s the analysis of the data that you as the real estate professional are uniquely qualified to provide.

What Should it look like?

A good real estate market update post should include text, images and an analysis of data that only you can interpret and explain for the reader. Some MLS systems offer customizable charts with data you choose. Maybe something like this:



It should also include data – like year over year changes in median or average price. There is a simple formula to determine the change in data. (New – Old)/Old. For example in March of 2016, 80 homes sold. In march of 2015 72 homes sold. It would look like this:

(80-72) = 8 divided by 72 = .11111111 or as a percentage, home sales are up 11.1%. It’s really that simple.

Next you provide an analysis of what it means. Are prices going to go up? Down? Is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market?

Why should I write a post like this?

Well there are several reasons. When you write a post like this, you get to know the market more accurately. That makes you a better agent. It’s helps you price a listing or make an offer for a buyer.

It also gives you confidence. You really do know what is going on.

What about those people you meet all the time? They ask you what you do for a living and you say you sell real estate. what’s the first thing they ask? Yep, they ask how the market is doing. Write a blog post analyzing the market and you will know. Really know and you will be able to tell them. Specifically.


When you write a blog post like this, you help build relevant content on your website and that helps drive traffic to your site and that helps get more leads. This helps your SEO and if you write a compelling post, you should get readers to stick around on your site longer and that helps SEO as well.

An Example

Yesterday I wrote an example on my blog for one of our local markets, Alpharetta. You can see the post here. The post links to back to my Alpharetta real estate page so if someone comes across it they can swing on over to look at the listings and maybe I can capture a new lead.

This is lead generation!!!

Make no mistake – taking the time to write a blog post updating the real estate market is part of your lead generation time if you are an internet marketing specialist/real estate professional. It’s critical you cut out some time to make this happen because if you don’t, someone else will and they will get the leads!

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